Marshall Cab


Marshall Cab Llc Taxi Cab Service in The Fort Lee - Hopewell And The Tri-cities Sections of Virginia

Marshall Cab, LLC was founded in 2006 by John W Marshall Jr. and John W Marshall III.

John W Marshall III has been in the taxi cab business for approximately 25 years.
After 15 years of driving he introduced his father, John W Marshall Jr. to the
business, following his retirement from Allied Chemical in Hopewell.

An opportunity for the father - son team arose when the only cab company in Hopewell
This allowed them to take over the Hopewell business and operate what is known as
Marshall Cab, LLC.

Marshall Cab, LLC is a family owned company that is steadily growing in size and
expanding their service areas to include, not only Hopewell, but also Prince George,
Ft Lee, and Colonial Heights. Not only do we provide prearranged transportation from
the airport, Marshall cab LLC will soon be providing services for Chesterfield,
Richmond, and Henrico.